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Build Your Own Home Program

Build Your Own Home Program

Home Builder Construction Loans in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Act as your own general contractor and save thousands of dollars depending on your home price. We provide you with the necessary ingredients to build your own home. We understand construction loans like no one else and accomplish this by offering our customers our expertise of over 40 years of building homes coupled with over 20 years experience of financing of new construction homes. We can build in all geographic areas, condos to $1mm+ homes, whatever your desire.

You have full control of the entire project and we can assist as much or as little as you require. You decide what to build and where to build it!

Equity in your home ~ by being your own general contractor, you are not paying 'retail' for the home but rather 'wholesale' so you build equity immediately.

Our experience includes assistance on every level:

  • Assistance finding a homesite
  • Obtaining both construction financing and end mortgage financing once the project is complete
  • Plan Design - finding an architect/draftsman to put your dream on paper
  • Applying for Permit
  • Putting together a budget & Cost statement
  • Selecting subcontractors - how much will you do yourself? A little, some, none?
  • Inspecting the home as it is constructed
  • Keeping all subcontractors on task; materials ordered and delivered to keep the process running efficiently and on time
  • Keep costs down - we can often get better pricing for materials and labor than most individuals can on their own
  • Assist with obtaining all final inspections through the final Certificate of Occupancy
  • Close your permanent mortgage

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