Anoka MN


Build Your Own Home Program

Residential Construction Services

Services Provided for the Build Your Own Home Program

•  A Detailed Construction Flow Chart

This flow chart will give Owner the expected flow as it relates to the construction process. This chart will be used as a guide throughout the whole building process.

•  A Cost Accounting System

An integrated cost spreadsheet is designed to help you control and track project costs during the construction process. All components are given within ranges to help you decide on accurate estimating.

•  Subcontractor/Vendor/Supplier Bid Sheets

These forms are furnished by Contractors Capital and prepared by you with our assistance prior to the construction bidding process.

•  Subcontractor/Vendor/Supplier Change Order Sheets

These forms are furnished by Contractors Capital. These are necessary to keep the costs in line. Subcontractors and you will sign these forms prior to any change on the project.

•  Subcontractor/Vendor/Supplier Selections

We will provide you general guidelines that will assist you in choosing competent, dependable and reasonably priced subcontractors. We will review the bid proposals, explain the process and offer options and a list as to the most efficient vendors, subcontractors, and suppliers. The final option is always yours.

•  Free Office Planning Conferences

We will meet with you at our office for all review, scheduling, or other matters as it relates to the construction process. In order to keep the project moving smoothly, meetings will be predetermined and scheduled at specific points in the building process.

• Hot Line Phone Services

This service will provide the Owner with the opportunity to gain immediate contact with us. We provide this service to you so can make instant decisions on any situation that may occur during the construction process. You will find this beneficial as it relates to selections, construction, methodology, and code requirements.

• Site Visits

We will set predetermined site visits to monitor the progress of your home. These visits are intended to:

  • Inspect workmanship
  • Meet with the inspectors
  • Meet with the subcontractors
  • Review the flow chart and check progress / timeliness
  • Review next steps
  • Review any decisions that need to be made

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